Newton Events

Monthly Dementia Support Group- Meets Third Thursday of Every Month - Click Here for Details

April 2018

  • 4/12-Baseball Day! T-Ball Game, Hot Dogs & Beer, 2pm
  • 4/13-Music by Dave Gray, 10am
  • 4/13-Granny Basketball Outing, 7pm
  • 4/14-Manicures, 10am
  • 4/14-Bingo, 2pm
  • 4/16-Pajama Day! Pajama Party, 2pm
  • 4/16-Candy Bar Bingo, 10am
  • 4/17-Christian Bible Study, 10am
  • 4/18-It’s All About Aprons Program, 2pm
  • 4/18-Wooden Flower Sign Craft, 3pm
  • 4/19-Grill Out Potluck, 12pm
  • 4/20-Men’s Breakfast Outing, 8am
  • 4/21-Suncatcher Craft, 1:30pm
  • 4/23-Music by Mert & Jerry, 10am
  • 4/23-Afternoon with Elvis Activity, 2pm
  • 4/24-Candy Bar Bingo, 10am
  • 4/24-Toe Clinic for Community, 1-3pm
  • 4/25-Lunch at Culvers & Newton Museum, 11am
  • 4/26-Music by Paul Davis & Birthday Bash, 2pm
  • 4/26-Manicures, 3pm
  • 4/27-Lost/Found Clothing Outing, 10am
  • 4/27-Jeopardy Game, 3pm
  • 4/27-Kids Cheerleading Performance, 5:30pm
  • 4/30-Casino Outing, 9am