Customer Service Superstars

Recognizing Our Employees
for Their Excellent Customer Service

The staff at Newton Health Care Center goes above and beyond every day to provide exceptional customer service to our Residents. Every month, IDE MANAGEMENT GROUP recognizes an employee who was nominated by a Resident family or colleague for amazing care they provide. Below are employees from Newton Health Care Center who one the award. If you know of a staff emember who provides exceptional customer service, nominate them today! Contact Katie Kuhn at (515) 745-2411 for more details.


Superstar Name: Angie Stevenson June 2018
Nominator: Housekeeping
We are proud to name Angie Stevenson as our Superstar for June. Angie is one of our amazing Housekeepers, she has been serving our residents since December 2017. She hasn’t been with NHCC for long but she has made a wonderful, positive impact. The first thing people notice about Angie is her smile 😊! Angie was nominated by Olivia and Josh, both C.N.A.’s. Olivia says, "Angie is cool, she always comes to work." Angie takes her time to stop and get to know the residents. She’s a hard-worker, very thorough. It’s important to her that the residents’ rooms are clean, and the building smells nice. Mikie, ADON, says, “Angie is always so positive in the mornings and has a beautiful smile each day!" Bethany, the Administrator, says, “Angie always greets people with a smile. She cares about her job and doing it well." Jaci, EVS Supervisor, says, “Angie is always willing to help wherever she is needed. She picks up shifts and makes sure the facility is organized and clean before she leaves for the day. She is a leader in the housekeeping department and has went above and beyond to show her dedication to not just her department but the residents and facility as a whole."

Thank you Angie, your smile is contagious and your hard work is appreciated!!


Superstar Name: Ken Willemsen May 2018
We are proud to name Ken Willemsen as our Superstar for May. Ken is one of our outstanding CMA/C.N.A.’s, he works night shift. He does not hesitate to come in earlier if we are challenged with staffing. One of the nurses, Jackie nominated him because he is a contentious worker who cares about the residents. Ken has a compassionate attitude and goes the extra mile when a resident needs it. Ken takes his time and is thorough when he is passing medications. “He has the most positive attitude every morning when I arrive at 6am. Always willing to help his co-workers. The teamwork on the overnight shift is exceptional,” says Mikie, ADON. “Ken is a valuable player for the nursing team, he has volunteered to work as a medication aide to assist the nurses on top of his already full time scheduled shifts. He is very responsive to direction and always has a positive attitude. He gets along with others. He is patient with the residents and tries to meet their needs to the best of his ability,” says Kylie, DON. “Ken is kind and compassionate with all of our aides, he seems to do very well with some of the more challenging residents. He is upbeat and in good spirits. He is willing to help out when he can,” says Kenndrea, MDS Coordinator. Thank you Ken!


Superstar Name: Angie Chindlund April 2018
Congratulations, Angie Chindlund, Certified Nursing Aide and Shower Aide! “Angie is one of a kind”, says Dee, Dietary Manager. “Angie shows a special kind of patience with the residents, such as Robert W. I have witnessed her patience; she takes her time and care with residents whom can be resistant to showers.” (Mariah F., Social Worker) She is wonderful and caring with our residents with dementia. Her strong compassion towards our hospice residents and their families is sincere and heartfelt. Angie’s care and sincerity go beyond just taking her time with their needs, she makes the residents feel special. She makes sure the residents are looking their best to start the day. When it’s the holidays, she will take extra time to curl the ladies’ hair and maybe add a touch of makeup. Barb H., C.N.A., stated, “Angie was missed when she was on medical leave. When she returned from surgery, she helped all the aides by stocking rooms with supplies, passing ice water, making beds, and much more. Angie is one in a million.” Thank you Angie!!!


Superstar Name: Suzie Jiron March 2018
Nominator:Housekeeping Aide
Congratulations, Suzie Jiron, you are our Customer Service Superstar for March! Suzie has been caring for our Residents since August 2017. In a brief time, she has made an impact on our residents’ lives. Suzie individualizes each resident’s care, she is gentle and makes them laugh. She is responsible and dependable. Suzie never lets the residents or her co-workers down, she is always there to help. Her co-workers say she is easy to work with and get along with, she is always willing to help. Suzie offers to stay and do a double, all the while has a positive attitude. She picks up extra shifts to help our residents. A co-worker says, "She is a strong team player no matter what shift she is working. Suzie is willing to come in early to help on evenings when necessary." Her bubbly attitude was infectious and put smiles on the faces of those not feeling well. She is a true asset to our team!!


Superstar Name: Josh Jones February 2018
Meet Josh Jones, C.N.A., our February Superstar! Josh has been putting Residents First since January 2015. He has a positive attitude and superb work ethic. Josh always comes to work with a smile on his face. He always treats the Residents with calming respect. Josh does a terrific job with Shirley F. and Emme H., they are especially appreciative of his help. Emme H. is blind and needs reassurance most days, she can call out repeatedly for certain staff members. Josh will calmly and respectfully ask how he can help her and take care of the need, his voice is always kind. He isn’t afraid to lend a hand on another hall. "Josh was very attentive and good with my mom," says Amanda B., daughter to Beverly B. Mariah says, "His positive attitude and team work approach is contagious." Thank you Josh!


Superstar Name: Jayne Kragel, January 2018
We proudly present the Customer Service Superstar award to Jayne Kragel, RN. Jayne has been caring for our residents since September 2017. She has only been a part of our team for a short while, however, she has made a big, positive impact. Jayne is kind and compassionate. She always ensures she is doing everything she can for our residents. Jayne is an advocate for our residents. "She is constantly volunteering to come in one her days off, to help out in any shape or form." Says Mikie, Assistant Director of Nursing. We have had some scheduling challenges with nurses in the past couple of weeks, Jayne has picked A LOT of shifts. Jayne is an exceptional addition to our NHCC Nursing Team and Family!

Kalie Winningham CMA