Customer Service Superstars

Recognizing Our Employees
for Their Excellent Customer Service

The staff at Newton Health Care Center goes above and beyond every day to provide exceptional customer service to our Residents. Every month, IDE MANAGEMENT GROUP recognizes an employee who was nominated by a Resident family or colleague for amazing care they provide. Below are employees from Newton Health Care Center who one the award. If you know of a staff emember who provides exceptional customer service, nominate them today! Contact Katie Kuhn at (515) 745-2411 for more details.


Superstar Name: Lori Odem August 2019
Nominator: Laundry Aide
We are proud to name Lori Odem, Laundry Aide, as our August Customer Service Superstar! Lori has been putting our Resident’s First since 2016! Lori has achieved Rockstar status before, we are ecstatic to award her the title again!! Suzie, LPN, says “Lori works every weekend and always has a positive attitude, even when her laundry is piled up. She always gets it caught up. Lori helps pick up the hub and dining room! The staff and residents appreciate her hard work. July 27th and 28th, we were working challenged in housekeeping, Lori was out helping clean up without being asked.” Linda, Restorative RN, says “She is a dedicated laundress that works weekend when most of us are at home with our families. She comes in and quietly goes to work, ensuring our residents have clean clothes to wear. Lori always has a smile for our residents and will look high and low if a resident reports a misplaced item. She is a reliable, pleasant, and efficient member of our team.” Tammy, Housekeeper, says “We like her a lot. She is a big help when we need help on the spot. We appreciate her and all she does.” Sharon, Administrator, says “Lori has been a great weekend employee for a few years. Recently, in top of her full-time job outside of the facility, she has come in the evenings to assist with laundry. We appreciate all the hard work and dedication Lori gives to our residents and her co-workers!”


Superstar Name: Amanda Bruce July 2019
We are proud to name Amanda Bruce as our July Superstar!!! Amanda has been cooking with love for our residents since November 2010. Amanda has been awarded Super Stardom before. She continues to be a stellar employee!

Kylie, D.O.N., says “Amanda is definitely an asset, she is always on top of it in the kitchen. She cares greatly for the residents and is always learning what they like and don’t like. Amanda likes to ensure the residents get what they like, she is a great listener. She knows what she must do and does it. She recently stepped up and helped as the Interim Dietary Manager and had done a super job. The kitchen is running smoothly during this transition.” Linda, Restorative Nurse Manager, says “Amanda has really stepped up to help with the Interim Dietary Manager. She has reduced the scheduling challenges by being creative and inspiring her team to work together. She is a wonderful cook! She takes special interest in our residents, she talks with them and is willing to make them something special.” Mariah, Social Services Director, says “Amanda is definitely deserving of the Customer Service Superstar Award! Not only has she led her staff through staffing challenges, she continues to respond to the individual needs of our residents. Amanda takes extra care to ensure our residents with special diets get what they need. She is great at providing with the residents with foods that make them happy. She does more than simply cooking food, she is out on the floor supporting our residents and staff, providing them extra comfort and support whenever they need it. Her care and compassion do not go unnoticed. She loves having fun with the residents during activities and on outings.” Sharon, Administrator, says “Amanda has been a rock for her co-workers. Her bright smile and bubbly attitude make mealtime a pleasure. She gets to know the likes and dislikes of every resident and does her best to accommodate them. Amanda is as true team player and her customer service to both residents and staff is second to none!” Amanda, we are so proud of you and love you!!!


Superstar Name: Virginia Mccuen June 2019
Nominator: CNA
We are proud to nominate Virginia Mccuen, C.N.A., as our June Superstar! Virginia has been cooking and caring for our residents since February 2011.

Tracy Hammer, LPN, says “Virginia has excellent time management, always stays busy, and always helps her co-workers when they as for assistance. She is always attentive to all our residents.” Linda, RN, says “Virginia is new to the nursing department, she previous worked as one of our cooks. She brings positivity and radiance to the nursing team. Always willing to lend a hand to her co-workers. She has become a favorite to work with. Virginia is pleasant and confident in performing care for our residents. She has volunteered to work extra shifts when needed. We are very lucky to have her in this new position with NHCC.” Suzie Jurgenson, LPN, says “Virginia deserves the to be June Superstar. Since she transferred from the kitchen, she has been running non-stop. Virginia has picked up open shifts, has come in early and stayed late when asked. She has been mandated a few times, she never complains. Virginia is always helping other C.N.A.’s! She a true asset to not only the nursing team but to NHCC. We love her laugh and fun personality. She nursing team are grateful for her.” Kylie, DON, says “Virginia has been a great addition to the nursing team. She is always willing to help, a great team player and provides quality care for the residents.” Mikie, ADON, says “We are so glad to have Virginia join the nursing team. She has been a great asset to the 2-10p shift. We have heard nothing but compliments regarding the quality of care she provides to our residents, her team work and over all positive attitude. She is always willing to help whenever help is needed. Glad to have her on our team 😊.” Sharon D., one of our residents, says “I think Virginia is wonderful. There’s no one better than Virginia. All of the staff are great, but Virginia is special.”

Thank you, Virginia!! You are happiness personified!

Thank you Angie, your smile is contagious and your hard work is appreciated!!


Superstar Name: Lindsey Hansen May 2019
We are proud to name Lindsey Hansen as our May Superstar! Lindsey has been caring for our residents since July 2013! This is the second time she has been acknowledged for her Superstar status! Suzie, LPN, says “Lindsey is a team player. When she says she is going to do something, she means it. She doesn’t leave until she has completed the promises and tasks she has set for herself. If a resident asks for a shower and it’s not their scheduled day, she will work them into her schedule.” Mariah, Social Services Director, says “Lindsey is an amazing NHCC team member! Her care and compassion do not go unnoticed. Lindsey is a master at making the ladies’ hair look like they just step out of the beauty shop. She not only provides the residents with care and compassion, she is sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of the residents’ families. She is very attentive with the resident who have hospice services, families are appreciative of her dedication to their loved one. Lindsey offers an individualized touch with cares. Her work ethic and empathy are difficult to match.” Kylie, Director of Nursing, says “Lindsey has been a dedicated nursing team member. She has most recently become a shower aide and has excelled at this position. She has come in on her days off to give showers with special requests from residents. She takes extra time with them to make sure their hair is dried and styled with a curling iron. She provides quality care and is never in a hurry. She is always willing to help co-workers. She doesn’t tell anyone “no” when they ask for assistance. She is dependable.” Linda, Restorative Nurse, says “Lindsey is an example of our philosophy ‘Residents First’. She takes the time to make our residents feel good about themselves by showering, shaving, washing and curling their hair, and even putting make up on those that choose to wear it. She has been known to come in on her day off to help a resident for a special occasion. Lindsey is attentive to skin issues and reports immediately to allow nursing to begin a treatment. These examples, along with her smile while working with residents, makes Lindsey a superstar in my book.” Mikie, Assistant Director of Nursing, says “Lindsey has come in on her days off to ensure residents have had their bath prior to discharge. She has stayed numerous times until late to accommodate residents. She truly treats the residents like she would her own family members. She is more than just a C.N.A./Shower Aide in their eyes, as well as mine. Lindsey is truly an asset to the NHCC team.” Kenndrea, MDS Nurse, says “The words that come to mind are Awesome, Rockstar, and Phenomenal; they don’t do her justice. Every day she leads by example of ‘Residents First’ through the ways she interacts with all of our residents, not just the ones on her shower list. She has genuine compassion for working with our people. Her kind and gentle nature are a comfort to our residents who can often be confused.”

Thank you Lindsey for always being a shining light for our residents and your co-workers!


Superstar Name: Jenny McGilvrey April 2019
Meet our Customer Service Superstar for April, Jenny McGilvrey, C.N.A.!!! Jenny is a stellar aide, she has been caring for our residents since October 2018. If one of our residents is in the hospital, she will visit with them and keep them company. We are blessed to have her caring for our people. Kodi, C.N.A./Activity Assistant, says "Jenny always comes to work with a positive attitude and very willing to help whenever she is needed! She works great with our residents and always puts their needs first. Her fun personality and eagerness to help makes her an asset to the NHCC team!" Kenndrea, MDS Nurse, says "Jenny is a delight to work with. She is kind, compassionate, and efficient in all she does. Jenny embodies our 'Resident's First' motto in the exemplary care she gives to all the residents. She seeks to do what the resident wants in the safest, most productive way possible. Jenny's kind and gentle nature are to be commended." Mikie, ADON, says "SHE IS AMAZING! Jenny is always willing to help. She has a wonderful positive attitude." Sharon, Administrator, says "Jenny keeps herself busy. She is attentive to the resident’s needs. She takes her work seriously." Kylie, DON, says "Jenny has been an outstanding addition to the nursing team. She is very attentive to her duties and her residents. Her excellence is also due to her relationships with her co-workers. She is there whenever a co-worker needs an extra set of hands. Jenny has compassion and is always polite. She is great advocate for our residents." Jenny is incredible! We appreciate her focus while she is at work, she doesn't get caught up in the drama! We are fortunate to have her as a team member!


Superstar Name: Barb Hamblen March 2019
Nominator:Restorative Aide
We are proud to name Barb Hamblen, Restorative Aide, as our March Customer Service Superstar! Barb's Rockstar Power won her superstar status in March of 2017 as well! It shows how steadfast she is when it comes to caring for her residents. Barb is an amazing asset to the NHCC Nursing Team. The residents look forward to their exercises in the morning because she makes them fun and entertaining, she will dance around and make them laugh. She tries to make all exercise fun! She is more than willing to help her co-workers on challenging days. Barb is always handing out compliments to her team members to brighten their mood and lift the spirit in the building! Every day she starts her day with a smile and a happy hello to her residents and co-workers. Kenndrea, MDS LPN states, “Working with Barb is a distinct pleasure each and every day.” Linda Restorative RN states, “Barb is a kind, compassionate, and hard-working person. Barb is encouraging with residents and their exercise programs. Barb is amazing at simultaneously performing her restorative aide duties and C.N.A. duties! Barb is a valuable member of our team and deserves to be recognized!" Mikie Assistant Director of Nursing RN states, “Barb has the bubbliest attitude. Her true care and concern for the residents are amazing, and she treats them like family! We are honored to have her apart of our team!” Kylie Director of Nursing RN states, “Barb’s positive attitude and her willingness to pick up shifts shows why she deserves to be named Customer Service Superstar.”,

Thank you, Barb, for your outstanding work ethic, and willingness to go the extra mile for your residents and co-workers!!!


Superstar Name: Samantha Montgomery February 2019
We are proud to name Samantha Montgomery, Night shift C.N.A. as our February Superstar! Sami was nominated by one of her co-workers. Sami has been caring for our residents for 4 years. She is a kind and compassionate worker. She is supportive of her residents and colleagues. Sami picks up shifts and will come in early to help on challenging days. Nurse Managers say, “She is an exceptionally compassionate C.N.A. Her gentle nature with our residents makes her a pleasure to work with.” “She always has a smile on her face for the residents. She still has a great attitude when she leaves in the morning,” states one of her co-workers. We are proud to have Sami caring for our residents!


Superstar Name: Tina Comegys , January 2019
We are proud to name Tina Comegys Registered Nurse, as our January 2019 Customer Service Superstar! Although Tina has been with us a short time, she has been a positive addition to our nursing team. The residents love her, they ask where she is when she has a day off. She is a great team player. She has picked up many shifts to help out her nursing team and they are very grateful. Tina is resident focused and takes her time with each of them. She was nominated by our Maintenance Director, Jim, after he witnessed an interaction Tina had with a resident. The resident was very upset and belligerent. Tina stayed calm and spoke to the resident in a soothing voice until other staff members could help.

Thank you, Tina, for being a positive leader on our nursing team and being a part of the NHCC Family!!!