Rehabilitation Services - TruRehab of Newton

TruRehab of Newton

As a service of Newton Health Care Center, our TruRehab therapy program offers unique rehabilitation services to all of our residents. We offer physical, occupational and speech therapies with our own full-time staff. Specific therapy services are based on the initial clinical assessment of each TruRehab Guest. To supplement therapy sessions, our TruRehab nurses and CNA’s are trained to assist our residents with activities of daily living and provide ongoing education that will benefit our Guest when they return home. Other unique features of our TruRehab program include private suites, complimentary local telephone services, flat-screen televisions, cable television and private dining and lounge areas.

Newton Health Care Center offers the full spectrum of treatment for injuries and other medical conditions. This includes rehabilitation from hip and knee fractures, joint replacements, spine and shoulder surgeries, and other orthopedic conditions. Our therapists and nursing staff members are also trained and experienced in treating strokes, open heart and by-pass surgeries, and post surgical wound care.