Customer Service Superstars

Customer Service Superstars

Recognizing Our Employees for Their Excellent Customer Service

The staff at Newton Health Care Center goes above and beyond every day to provide exceptional customer service to our Residents. Every month, IDE MANAGEMENT GROUP recognizes an employee who was nominated by a Resident family or colleague for the amazing care they provide. Below are employees from Newton Health Care Center who one the award. If you know of a staff member who provides exceptional customer service, nominate them today! Contact Katie Kuhn at (515) 745-2411 for more details.

Newton Health Care Center - January 2020 Superstar | Rod Runnels, C.N.A.

We have named Rod Runnels, C.N.A., as our January Superstar!!! Rod has been caring for our residents since September 2008!! Kim J, Life Enrichment Director, says “Rod is a positive, fun guy. He’s not afraid to be goofy and make the residents laugh. He is always willing to help with activities.” Kylie, DON, says “Rod is always positive and smiling. He wants to see his residents happy and will try to always put a smile on their faces. He is loved by his teammates. He does a great job trying to participate in activities and keep the residents active.” Sarah, Dietary Manager, says “Rod is a great team player and communicates will with the kitchen. He truly cares about the residents and goes above and beyond to make them comfortable. Rod is always giving hugs to the residents, showing them the love they might not get as often as they deserve! Rod is absolutely a Superstar because it’s more than a job for him. He truly cares about our residents!” Mariah, Social Service Director, says “Rod is a favorite among residents and families. He is charismatic, friendly, and able to cheer our ladies up on particularly tough days. He has been apart of the NHCC crew for a long time now. Throughout the years, Rod has not been afraid to sport a bonnet for NNHW to make the residents giggle. His happy personality is a must-have to keep our residents smiling and happy.” Mike L., son of a resident, nominated Rod for Superstar. Mike’s mom loves Rod. Rod is very gentle and compassionate to all residents, this resident responds positively to Rod’s gentle manner.

Newton Health Care Center - February Customer Service Superstar| Sarah Rodrigues​

We are happy to name Sarah Rodrigues, Dietary Manager, as our February Superstar!! Sarah joined our team in August of 2019 and has a huge asset from day one. Sharon, the Administrator, says “Sarah has been a tremendous addition to our Newton Leadership Team. She has brought stability and support to the Dietary Team. Sarah is a working manager that has had several obstacles to overcome and has persevered through them with a positive attitude. She truly cares about her team and the residents. She is a great fit to the team!” Brenda, Director of Nursing, says “Each time I see Sarah she has a smile on her face. She is always willing to go the extra mile.” Kim J., Activity Director, says “Sarah is very deserving of this honor. She has a great rapport with her staff and our residents. She is always taking time to think of new ideas for them, such as the snack care and dessert cart. Her dedication shows through her multiple double shifts with a smile still on her face.” Katie K., CLD, says “Sarah is always talking with the residents on how to make the food choices better. She loves hearing their input. She wants the residents to enjoy their meals and get ideas for variety. She put together a stationary cart for snacks. The dessert cart has choices now. These are a couple of examples of the positive changes she has made. She is always willing to volunteer for the Giveback campaigns.”

Newton Health Care Center - March Customer Service Superstar | Chris Hewitt

We are proud to name Chris Hewitt, Dietary Aide, as our March Superstar!! Chris has been serving our residents since April 2014! Sarah, Dietary Manager says, “Chris has been an asset to the Dietary team since I took over the department 6 months ago. The residents adore him. He has dedicated many years to the facility and knows the kitchen inside and out. Chris quickly handles obstacles and uses critical thinking to work through the issue or concern. I am proud to say that he has stepped up as a leader in the last two months – picking up shifts, training new Dietary Aides, taking on added responsibility. He leads by example with his work ethic. I want to thank Chris for always working hard! You deserve to be a Superstar!” Mariah, Social Services Director says, “Chris has been an outstanding member of the NHCC team for some time. He is respectful and kind to the residents. He is always willing to accommodate their personal requests. He is a pleasure to serve meals with and goes above and beyond to ensure our residents are happy.” Sharon, the Administrator says, “He is a pleasure to see breezing around the dining room. He ensures the residents have drinks, he anticipates what they like, and talks sports with some of the fellas. He has built a great relationship with residents and we appreciate all he does.” This isn’t the first time Chris has achieved Superstar status! We are proud Chris is a part of the NHCC Team!!

Newton Health Care Center - April Customer Service Superstar | Virginia McCuen

We nominated Virginia McCuen, Certified Nursing Aide and Activities Assistant, for April Customer Service Superstar!! Virginia has been serving and caring for our residents since February 2011. She has worked as a cook, C.N.A. and now is the Activities Assistant. She spends most of her time helping the residents stay active. She will pick up C.N.A. shifts if needed. She’s a reliable, conscientious worker. She is special because she is a phenomenal caregiver and a shining example of a team player. Sarah, Dietary Manager, says “Virginia is truly an asset – she is flexible, helpful and available for multiple departments. She offers to help all the time. We appreciate Virginia!” Eve, DON, says “Virginia is a Rockstar! She is willing to help whenever asked! Always has a smile on her face!” Kim J, Activities Director, says “Virginia is willing to help out in any department at any time. She truly enjoys her quality time with the residents, and it shows through her great work ethic and dependability. She will bend over backward for her co-workers and for the good of our residents. Kenndrea, MDS Nurse, says “Virginia is AMAZING! We would be lost without her. She is so adaptable to whatever is thrown her way. Her kindness and compassion for our residents is impeccable! She truly lives our philosophy of Residents First.”

Newton Health Care Center - May Customer Service Superstar| Jenny McGilvrey

Meet our Customer Service Superstar for May, Jenny McGilvrey, C.N.A.!!! Jenny is a stellar aide, she has been caring for our residents since October 2018. This is the second time she has achieved Superstardom! If one of our residents is in the hospital, she will visit with them and keep them company. We are blessed to have her caring for our people. Katie, CLD, says "Jenny always comes to work with a positive attitude and very willing to help whenever and wherever she is needed! She works great with our residents and always puts their needs first. Her fun personality and eagerness to help makes her an asset to the NHCC team!" Kenndrea, MDS Nurse, says "Jenny is a delight to work with. She is kind, compassionate, and efficient in all she does. Jenny embodies our 'Resident's First' motto in the exemplary care she gives to all the residents. She seeks to do what the resident wants in the safest, most productive way possible. Jenny's kind and gentle nature are to be commended. Jenny is a Rockstar. Every facility should have a Jenny." Kim J, Activity Director, says "SHE IS AMAZING! Jenny is always willing to help. She has a wonderfully positive attitude." Sharon, the Administrator, says "Jenny keeps herself busy. She is attentive to the residents’ needs. She takes her work seriously. Jenny is a wonderful C.N.A. and shows personalized customer service to residents with patience. She takes her time to communicate with her residents, getting on their level, and giving them the opportunity to express their needs. Jenny is helpful and attentive. We are lucky to have Jenny and her great customer service." Mariah, Social Services, says "Jenny is an outstanding aide! She is very attentive to her duties and her residents. Her excellence is also due to her relationships with her co-workers. She is there whenever a co-worker needs an extra set of hands. Jenny has compassion and is always polite. She has an amazing attitude and is a strong advocate for her residents. Jenny has been known to bring residents little items to brighten their day and lift their spirits." Jenny is incredible! We appreciate her focus while she is at work, she doesn't get caught up in the drama! We are fortunate to have her as a team member!

Newton Health Care Center - June Customer Service Superstar| Dana Kizer

We are proud to name Dana Kizer, Certified Medication Aide, as our June Superstar. Dana has been caring for our residents since 2/5/2020!! Kim J., Activity Director, says “Dana is genuine in caring for our residents. She takes time with each of them to explain things and hear their questions or concerns. She is a hard worker.” Mariah, Social Services Director, says “Working with Dana is refreshing. She is always kind, courteous, and professional. She is a pleasure to work with.” Sharon, the Administrator, says “The interactions I’ve had with Dana have been impressive. She is professional in her interactions with staff and residents. Dana is polite and responds quickly to requests.” Kenndrea, MDS Nurse, says “Dana is new to our team and has proven to be invaluable. She has embraced our “Residents First” philosophy from day one. She is always smiling. She isn’t afraid to jump in and help out.” Eve, Director of Nursing, says “Dana is a very promising nurse-in-training. She’s willing to learn and try new methods in nursing. She is a compassionate, caring person. Dana displays our company’s core mission values each and every day. It is a pleasure to work with her.”

Newton Health Care Center - July Customer Service Superstar | Tyler Saychareun Neufeld

We are proud to name Tyler Saychareun Neufeld, C.N.A., as our Customer Service Superstar!! Tyler has been apart of the nursing team since January 2020 and has made a positive impact on our residents’ lives! Sarah, Dietary Manager, says “Tyler is a pleasure to work with - he is always respectful and brings a great attitude to work.” Mariah, Social Services Director, says “Tyler is a caring and compassionate aide. The residents are always complimenting how much of a kind gentleman he is during care. Tyler is a team player. He is not afraid to help out others and always offers a hand passing trays on meal pass. He’s a pleasure to work with!” Kenndrea, MDS Nurse, says “Tyler is an amazing soul that our team is blessed to have. His compassion for our residents shows every day in every interaction. He’s always willing to do what is asked of him and doesn’t hesitate to go above and beyond!” Eve, DON, says “Tyler is a very important part of the nursing team. He is always willing to assist when asked. Even though he is very quiet, he is an awesome person to work with.” Sharon, the Administrator, says “Tyler is a skilled C.N.A. and the residents often compliment his demeanor. He displays patience and cares when assisting them. He is attentive and helpful to the staff as well. I appreciate all Tyler does to put residents first. We are lucky to have him on our nursing team.”

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