Life at NHCC | Linda Koon

"The night I arrived at NHCC, the aide assigned to my hall and the cook introduced themselves. I didn't care for what was planned for dinner, however, the cook offered an alternative, I was happy with that. The next day the administrative team all introduced themselves. If I had an issue, the Administrator Bethany was on top of it, I would tell everyone to go to her is they have a question. My call light was answered in a timely manner on all shifts. There was one aide that I liked very much, Wanda, so friendly and efficient. I used equipment that needed 2 people, if another aide wasn't available the nurse or Administrator (LPN) would step in to help. The rehab staff was easy to work with and made me laugh often. The activity program is wonderful. There are plenty of places to spend time with my family outside of my room. My room was very comfortable. Living at NHCC has been a nice experience." Thank you for the kind words Linda K. It was a pleasure having you stay with us. You have worked hard, we are very proud of you!