March 2018 Customer Service Superstar | Suzie Jiron

Congratulations, Suzie Jiron, you are our Customer Service Superstar for March!  Suzie has been caring for our Residents since August 2017.  In a brief time, she has made an impact on our residents’ lives.  Suzie individualizes each resident’s care, she is gentle and makes them laugh.  She is responsible and dependable.  Suzie never lets the residents or her co-workers down, she is always there to help.  Her co-workers say she is easy to work with and get along with, she is always willing to help.  Suzie offers to stay and do a double, all the while has a positive attitude.  She picks up extra shifts to help our residents.  A co-worker says, “She is a strong team player no matter what shift she is working.  Suzie is willing to come in early to help on evenings when necessary.”  Her bubbly attitude was infectious and put smiles on the faces of those not feeling well.  She is a true asset to our team!!