May 2018 Customer Service Superstar | Ken Willemsen

We are proud to name Ken Willemsen as our Superstar for May.  Ken is one of our outstanding CMA/C.N.A.’s, he works night shift.  He does not hesitate to come in earlier if we are challenged with staffing.  One of the nurses, Jackie nominated him because he is a contentious worker who cares about the residents.  Ken has a compassionate attitude and goes the extra mile when a resident needs it. Ken takes his time and is thorough when he is passing medications.  “He has the most positive attitude every morning when I arrive at 6am.  Always willing to help his co-workers.  The teamwork on the overnight shift is exceptional,” says Mikie, ADON.  “Ken is a valuable player for the nursing team, he has volunteered to work as a medication aide to assist the nurses on top of his already full time scheduled shifts.  He is very responsive to direction and always has a positive attitude.  He gets along with others.  He is patient with the residents and tries to meet their needs to the best of his ability,” says Kylie, DON.  “Ken is kind and compassionate with all of our aides, he seems to do very well with some of the more challenging residents.  He is upbeat and in good spirits.  He is willing to help out when he can,” says Kenndrea, MDS Coordinator.  Thank you Ken!